Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Version 0.4.2 release

Version 0.4.2 of the Cantonese keyboard for Android is available for download on the Android Market Tools category for free. This is a testing version and will expire on 1 September 2010.

New Features
  • DEF key for the selection of underlined default candidate.
  • Selection of default candidate by the hardware space bar.
  • Options of default selection definition.
  • Looking up of related words and associated phrases after the moving of text cursor.

  • Minor performance turning.
  • Options of candidate bar paging buttons location.
  • Options for showing keys for password text box.
  • Options of switching normal key keyboard layout on landscape orientation.
  • Strong and weak vibration mode.


    Cantonese keyboard for Android, normal key keyboard layout
    Normal key keyboard layout

    Cantonese keyboard for Android, pair key keyboard layout
    Pair-key keyboard layout

    Cantonese for Android, big key keyboard layout
    Big key keyboard layout

    • All features, terms and conditions of the previous version 0.4.1 apply.


    1. 我是用HTC Hero的,怎麼在安裝後沒有選擇”廣東拼音輸入法”?不支援1.5 Android系統嗎?

    2. I am also using a Hero. The keyboard should works on it.

      Please read the 'How to use' section of the following page:

    3. Sir,

      I am using the HTC Desire android V 2.1 and I has just install the Cantonese Keyboard V 0.4.2 but it didn't work. Is it not compatiable with Desire. What can I do now?



    4. 我把在Hero中不能使用廣東輸入法的片段拍了片~你可看看為何

    5. I prepared a detailed step by step screen shots 'How to use' guide at

      Hope it can solve your problems.

    6. 超感謝幫助!我可在hero使用廣東拼音輸入法了!^^ Thanks!

    7. Thx u so much for yr efforts. This Cantonese Input is very useful for my Desire. However, I found it's strange that I can't use finger gesture for zoom in & out when using web browser and photo viewer after changing input method to Cantonese Keyboard. Is it my Desire problem or not? Thx in advance!!

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. I found that it does not work on the HTC Desire running on Android 2.1. There is no option to select the Cantonese Keyboard from Touch Input Chinese > Select Chinese Input. The following selections are available: Handwriting, ZhuYin, Canjin, PinYin, and Stroke.

    10. Please follows the instructions here >

    11. I followed the instructions carefully (step by step)for several times as indicated in but my Desire still doesn't show the input method; neither Canton nor Simplied Cangjie but just those built in input method.

      Any suggestion?

    12. I tried with my Desire again and it works. I would like to share my experience. Follow the instructions until hit the screen button for input method. Instead of hitting the button, please click (press) the trackball. There pops up a selection of new input method you have installed.

      Thank you for the Apps.