Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Version 0.12.0 release

Version 0.12.0 of the Cantonese keyboard for Android is available for download on the Google Play Tools category for free.

New Features
  • New 'More Candidate History' button.
  • Option to disable English candidate history.
  • No longer expire.

  • If you experience extreme lag after updating, try uninstalling and re-installing the keyboard again.
  • After changing theme, try to restart the keyboard or rotate the device with the keyboard active, to make the new theme effective.
  • If you experience touch difficulty, try to set the Touch sensitivity settings as High and Neutral.
  • If you experience missing candidates, try enabling the 'Rarely used characters' option of 'Chinese candidates' setting.
  • Simplified Chinese candidates are disabled by default. Enable it at the 'Character type' option of 'Chinese candidates' setting if required.

Known issues
  • Keyboard closes itself on Contact's phone number text box of Samsung devices with Android 4.x. Will fix once we get a Samsung device on hand to check.
  • Keyboard plays sound on press on LG devices, even sound is disabled in settings. Will fix once we get a LG device on hand to check.
  • Candidates selection bar jumps when the height is set to S. Fix in the pipeline.
  • Key size too large for tablets. Fix in the pipeline.

  • Installation from Goole Play is recommended.
  • Or download the APK and install manually, if Google Play is not available on your device.

  • All features, terms and conditions of the previous version 0.11.3 apply.


  1. 你好,更新後,在whatsapp 打字,把游標移到句子任何位置加字,完成後再把游標移到句子結尾繼續打字,但是字母不是顯示在最尾,而是在前一個游標位置顯示。請檢查及更正錯誤。謝謝!!

  2. 我也有上述問題。
    而且如果我還沒打space bar便將游標移到句子其他位置加字,是不會在我想要的位置加字,而是在最後加字。如果打了space bar後才將游標移到句子其他位置加字,就出現樓上所指的問題。 暫時的解決方法是要在移到句子結尾後,打一個space(有需要可按backspace刪除這個space),才可繼續在後面打字。

    「我是使用htc one的。當進行鎖定前是在主畫面(不包括blinkfeed)時,要用PIN/密碼解鎖,若使用這個輸入法解鎖後會自動彈去右邊的面板,還在左上方的icon外出現白色框。
    希望可以研究解決方法,謝謝! 你們的軟件很好用!」

  3. 我本身除了用廣東話拼音鍵盤外,還經常使用漢語拼音輸入法。請問可否在這鍵盤加入漢語拼音輸入法,或另設一個廣東話加漢語拼音輸入法的鍵盤?

  4. AFTER the latest update, the very first word I typed will be all capitalized as seen in this sentence. THIS also happened after the "period". I used hardware keyboard on my phone. VERY annoying.

  5. when I move cursor to where I want, it always goes to the end, making it impossible to make go back to make corrections. It also then randomly deletes. Very frustrating.

  6. Ver 0.12 update
    If you are typing word 1 and move cursor to word 2 and type, keyboard will continue typing for word 1 instead of word 2.
    You can see because word 1 is still underlined.