Thursday, July 29, 2010

Version 0.5.0 release

Version 0.5.0 of the Cantonese keyboard for Android is available for download on the Android Market Tools category for free. This is a testing version and will expire on 1 November 2010.

New Features
  • English words suggestion with auto spacing.
  • Support installation on external storage for Android 2.2 with limitation. The keyboard will be replaced by the default IME, when external storage is remounted.

  • Performance turning.

Known Issues
  • Cap lock and Alt lock not supported on hardware keyboard.
  • 'y' and 'u' keys always return 'i' for the Big key keyboard layout on Android 2.2.

  • All features, terms and conditions of the previous version 0.4.2 apply.


  1. Hi i recently download your program and now i'm learning how to use it sometimes i cannot find some chinese words i will go to some website they have some cantonese dictionary to teach me how to pronounce the words in english but sometime they are different that the word I put in your program like the word 圈 is guen but in dictionary it said hyun or gyun can you tell me the different and where I can find the correct spelling with your program thank you

  2. Do you have any plans to make a version of this for Windows on the PC? I'd pay to use it.

  3. Dear Michael,

    There are many Cantonese Romanization Systems in use daily, as described at

    Our keyboard use the Hong Kong Government Cantonese Romanization convention

    Try the following online dictionary and it uses a similar system.

    圈 is huen for us.

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    Will consider your suggestion, if i have more free time. Thx.

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